A day with .Net

My day to day experince in .net

About Vivek

Hi this is vivek.p.s here i am sharing my experience with .net technology.

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Speaking Events

K-MUG Tech Day September 2018



Xamarin Dev Days


Azure Boot Camp April 2017

Azure boot camp

Disclaimer –
1) Please note that these are my personal blog posts and does not necessarily reflect the way my employer works.
2) Neither I or my employer are responsible for any issues or inconsistencies with the posts here.


9 Responses to “About Vivek”

  1. Anoop said

    Found your posts are very useful. Please keep posting!
    I am working at Technopark,Tvpm.

  2. Kelvin said

    Vivek, your articles are very good. Add more topics..

  3. binu varghese said

    hey… its looking good. any way let me try… thanks… keeep posting

  4. Asharaf said

    Your postings are very good. Keep posting, we shall keep reading.

  5. Hari said

    Your posts seems very helpful…keep rocking!!!!

  6. Madhu said

    Hi Vivek,
    This is Madhu. am a tranee in one small SW company. They have assigned some work related to ScreenScarape. can u plz help me? how can i identify the events of the scrape server? how to call ajax & javascript functions of the scrape server? plz give reply as soon as possible.

  7. Ajith Mani said

    Keep on rocking.. Best wishes.. Good and easy ideas and ways to make them practical.

  8. Harish said

    Good work mate

  9. Komali said

    Hi Vivek,

    Can you please post the whole code for “Load data dynamically on page scroll using jquery,ajax and asp.net” so that i can use it for my project.

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