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Why you need to go with cloud computing?

Posted by vivekcek on December 12, 2011

So you are in the right place. Your heart and mind is confused with questions like, what is this cloud computing and why I need to bother about the same. So in this small article I am going to talk about “Why you need to go with cloud computing”.

So your company developed a social networking site like facebook .This was something a funny application by some of your developers. You just hosted your web site in a single server and your social media site had only 10 users. All of the 10 were pretty happy. The scenario is given below.

Web site with single server

Wow here comes your headache lots of cute girls joined your social networking site that too with their pics. Something attracted them. Mark Zukerberg gona suffer. Facebook is suffering because of your new web site. Boys also started to join your site, quite natural. Each day 10000 members are joining your site. What to do??The CEO is happy he gonna get lots of money. Headache for the developers and System administrator.

So the company decided to set up a server farm to load balance the increased user interactions.
Company bought 10 servers worth 20 lakh and some hardware load balancers. Over all investment was about 25 lakh. Then appointed some system administrators their salary is about 50000/month. Then comes uninterrupted power supply, broadband etc..The current model is given below.

A web farm serving your site in a load balanced environment

As usual girls lost interest your site. They move on to other web sites for some more fun. The boys also went behind. So the visitors count reduced. Now there is no need for 10 servers to handle load. The company decided to switch off some servers, job cut to some system administrators all happened.CEO is troubled his hardware left unused.

I wish your company don’t face such a situation. In such situations you can opt for cloud computing.

In cloud computing the company don’t need to buy any hardware servers load balancers, uninterrupted power supply etc..

In cloud computing environment when your websites load increased you can ask the cloud providers to increase the resources.

Also when load is decreased you can reduce your server resources.

Clearly speaking in cloud you don’t need to worry about hardware just concentrates on programming.

So now onwards cute girls won’t be a problem for your company


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