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Difference between IIS 7 Classic and Integrated mode – How UrlRoutingModule map request in ASP.NET MVC

Posted by vivekcek on March 6, 2014

In classic mode requests are mapped to an ISAPI handler based on file extension (in the case of asp.net extension is .aspx and handler is asp.net_isapi.dll,which is a C/C++ ISAPI filter responsible for invoking ASP.NET). In classic mode it is hard to make extension-less url’s working (like asp.net MVC)

in integrated mode .NET is a native part of IIS 7. So IIS can directly call HttpModule and HttpHandlers. An HttpHandler is the endpoint of a single request. For a single request there will be only one Httphandler. But any number of HttpModules can participate in the request pipeline.

UrlRoutingModule is a part of System.Web.Routing, which is present in GAC as a part of .NET 4.0 installation (IIS have direct access to this dll).

In IIS 7 all the request go through UrlRoutingModule. UrlRoutingModule map th request aganist route configuration and returns an instance of MvcHandler, MvcHandler is responsible for controller creation and all.


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