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Restart Amazon AWS EC2 instance from PowerShell

Posted by vivekcek on July 25, 2016

In this post i will show you how can we restart a windows ec2 instance by using powershell.

1. Go to your account, select Security Credentials and create an AWS access key and secret key.



2. Open Power-Shell for AWS, which will ask your AWS Access key and Secret Key.


3. If Power-Shell not prompted for keys go to “C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\AWSToolkit” and delete the Registered Account Jsonfile and open Power-Shell again.

4. Now get your instance id by using this url from EC2 instance

5. Now from powershell give below command

Restart-EC2Instance -InstanceId i-12345678

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C# Different Types Of Heap Memory

Posted by vivekcek on July 10, 2016

You might be heard that, reference objects are stored in heap:).
Do you know how many types of heaps are available in CLR.
Do you know that, you can pass data to another app domain with out marshaling:)

These all are .NET CLR implementation details, know to Bill Gates:)

You can explore, if you want to know more, Later i will post about memory management in CLR.

For the time being have a look at the types of heap’s below.

Loader Heap: contains CLR structures and the type system
High Frequency Heap: statics, MethodTables, FieldDescs, interface map
Low Frequency Heap: EEClass, ClassLoader and lookup tables
Stub Heap: stubs for CAS, COM wrappers, PInvoke
Large Object Heap: memory allocations that require more than 85k bytes
GC Heap: user allocated heap memory private to the app
JIT Code Heap: memory allocated by mscoreee (Execution Engine) and the JIT compiler for managed code
Process/Base Heap: interop/unmanaged allocations, native memory, etc

Usually, the “heaps” that most people refer to or know about are the “GC Heap” and the LOH.
GC Heap is shared among app-domains and GC will work only on that.


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