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Moving your app to free service plan in microsoft azure.

Posted by vivekcek on November 11, 2016

I was working on a research project with a developer essentials account in azure.
The first problem i faced was to deploy the app from visual studio ,immediately after creating my subscription.
So i just logged in to the portal and created a Web App, unfortunately i forgot to select the free pricing tier.

After someday’s i found that my credit is going down, from the bill it was found that the app service is consuming all money.

Immediately i had to do something. I tried the below steps.

1. Created a new app in the same resource group with a new service plan and free pricing tier.
2. Then i changed the service plan of my existing app to new free service plan.
3. Then tried to delete my old service plan.
4. Haaaa got the error, i can’t delete this plan due to an app is associated with it.
5. But there was no app associated with that plan.
6. After some reserach i found that it is the resource group is causing the issue.
7. I can’t delete my existing default resource group, as my existing app and free service plan is running above it.
8. Now i created a new Resource group and moved my old service plan to this group.
9. Then i was able to delete my old plan and my app is now running freely.

Moving Service plan to new resource group

Deleteing the resource group.



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