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Jquery Reference Part2

Posted by vivekcek on December 25, 2012

1. Each function in jquery.

The below function take all the div’s with specified classes and iterate through them.

$('div.BlueDiv,div.RedDiv').each(function (index) {
alert(index + '=' + $(this).text());

2. Modify attribute of a div by raw DOM object and Jquery wrapped object.

$('div').each(function (i) {
this.title = "hai"; //raw dom object not jquery object so no intellisense
$(this).attr('title', 'title2'); //jquery objcet wrpped with $ with intellisense

3. Set font size of all div.

 $('div').css('font-size', '20px'); //automatic iteration

4. JSON Map and Chaining with jquery

                        title: 'titile 4',
                        style: 'font-size:40px;background-color:yellow'  //JSON MAP
            .css('color', 'Red'); //Chaining

5.Append table to a div.

$('#OutPutDiv').append('<table><tr><td style="font-size:50px">AppendChild</td></tr></table>');

6. wrap a div.

$('#OutOutDiv').wrap('<div style="font-size:40px"></div>'); //wraps outputdiv inside wrap

7. Remove div.


8. addClass,hasClass,removeClass,JSON map Css

                'background-color': 'Navy',

            $('div').removeClass('class1 class2');
            if ($('#TestDiv').hasClass('HighLight'))

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