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Join two list using lambda expression

Posted by vivekcek on October 8, 2012

 List<Employee> employees = new List<Employee>()
                new Employee(){ id="1", name= "Vivek"},
                 new Employee(){ id="2", name= "Chanthu"}

            List<Address> address = new List<Address>()
                new Address(){ Empid="1", Addres= "Eleyodu"},
                new Address(){ Empid="2", Addres= "Edakkadom"}

            var query = employees.Join(
                emp => emp.id,
                adrs => adrs.Empid,
                (emp, adrs) => new { EmployeeName = emp, EmployeAddress = adrs })
                .Where(EmployeeAndAddress => EmployeeAndAddress.EmployeeName.id == EmployeeAndAddress.EmployeAddress.Empid).ToList();

            foreach (var item in query)
                Console.WriteLine("Employee Name:{0},Address:{1}", item.EmployeeName.name, item.EmployeAddress.Addres);
class Employee
            public string id;
            public string name;
            public string department;
        class Address
            public string Empid;
            public string Addres;

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