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Remote Desktop Connection to Web Role in azure

Posted by vivekcek on April 2, 2012

I think you know,that when we deploy an azure web role it is deployed in a virtual machine running win 2008 server.So today i am going to explain how you can connect

to this machine via remote desktop.

1. Create an azure web role project.

2. Click on Publish.

3. Click on ‘Configure Remote Connections’.

4. Click on the drop down and select Create(this will create a new certificate for you).Give username and password.

5. Click on View.

6. Select ‘Details’ tab and then select ‘Copy To File’.

7. Import as PFX format with private key.

8. Package your application then upload to portal.

9. When creating a deployment select ‘Add Certificate’.Upload the PFX certificate we imported in step 7.Give the password when you used visual studio to crate certificate.

10. After your role instance is ready.Click on configure.

11. Give the same username password you used in VS2010 to create certificate or configuring remote desktop.

12. After the role is updated click on Connect.Which will down load a small software.

13. Give username and password in the program downloaded.

14 .Now you are in your roles desktop.


One Response to “Remote Desktop Connection to Web Role in azure”

  1. fakherhalim said

    Great article!

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