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How to use the find method associated with the datatable

Posted by vivekcek on July 21, 2009

Find method in datatable is used to find a particaular row in datatable.For that we have to

set one coulmn of the datatable as promary key.The below code do this things

DataColumn[] dlc = new DataColumn[1];
dlc[0] = dt_Supplier.Columns[0];
dt_Supplier.PrimaryKey = dlc;

In the above datatable if we supply the 0th coulmns value in find() method we can identyfy a

unique row

For deleting a particular row we can use the following method in the case of above table

 public void DeleteItem(string Sup_Code)

            DataRow DelRow = dt_Supplier.Rows.Find(Sup_Code);


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